April Revolution

  • 2019
  • Seoul South Korea
  • Photography

The Citizens Revolution of April, 19th in 1960 was one of the most important even of Korean modern history. Earlier in March, there were political demonstrations in Masan city, a port city in South against corruption and cheating in the election. A dead body of Kim Juyeol, a high school student then, was discovered in the sea, which ignited a nation-wide resentment and eventually massive demonstrations spread out all over Korea. On 19th of April, the police began to beat and shoot at demonstrators killing around 180 and wounding thousands and this led to the collapse of the ruling government. This event is one of many unprecedented events that can be discovered throughout Korean history. It was only 7 years after the end of Korean war. Korea was still struggling to deal with recovering from the heavy destruction of war and political instability and extreme poverty.